PERSONAL POWER Fitness For Seniors, Adults, and Kids -          Group sessions brought to schools, homes, and offices
   With Debbi Coren, 
ACE Certified Personal Trainer,  Water Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor & Certified K-12 School Teacher   
                          Debbi's programs for adults and seniors:            .
Whether you are striving to increase your strength and muscle tone, improve cardiovascular health and endurance, lose a targeted amount of weight or inches, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, combat or reverse osteoporosis, or improve flexibility and balance (or all of the above), Debbi can help you reach your goals. 

Gather a few friends, family members, or co-workers or set aside some time for an individual session and get ready to get fit.   Debbi brings everything needed  to your home, church, workplace, school, or other location for a challenging, fun workout.  Click on "Class Descriptions" for a sampling of classes  offered. 

Debbi's programs for kids
The emphasis of Debbi's interactive programs for kids is to instill in children how fun and rewarding it truly is to make exercise an integral part of their lives.  Debbi's central message is that exercise is important not in order to look a certain way  but in order to  be strong, healthy, and energized.  Learning to nourish and nurture their bodies as children can lead to lifelong healthy habits that will  lead to active,  fulfilling lives.  
Set to inspiring party music, kids take part in exercises that target all muscle groups as they learn how to do each with proper form and technique.  Learning the safe, effective way to exercise and prevent injury is crucial at a young age before damaging training patterns unknowingly begin.  Debbi's hope is that children will make exercise a lifelong habit not because they feel they have to but because it is fun and rewarding!  Debbi teaches classes that are for parents and children to do together as well as classes for kids only. 

Exercising in a group is a great way to stay motivated and commited and to connect with family and friends regularly!  Fee per session ranges from just $8 to $20 per person depending on location, number of participants, and duration of sessions.  (Discounted rates and fundraising opportunities available for large groups such as schools and churches.)  Personal training sessions are between $45 and $95/session depending on distance traveled.
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